Wednesday, February 13, 2013

older paintings

these are some of my older paintings, when i first started working with sprays

Can you smell the crazy?

I spend time out in bars with some regularity. Since returning to the world of the unattached two and a half years ago, this is something i do with purpose.
I like being out, watching people. Picking up on their little quirks and obsessions. Sometimes I'll talk to them, most of the time i watch and listen.
Avenues for interjecting myself into their world usually present themselves, at this point i must make a determination.
Contact on my part is based primarily on how much of a crazy vibe i am hearing and seeing. I spent a lot of time last year living way over the crazy edge - I feel thankful that i made it out principally unharmed - a few more steps down a couple of the roads might have lead to a less than pleasant result.
time for last night's story.
I had already been to Pullano's. had some beers, just wasn't feeling it. the pace was picking up but it just didn't vibe. headed home, intention was to go straight on. as i rolled up on Marinos i thought i would at least take a look. it was earlier than normal for me to be rolling by and one of my new favorite bartenders is on vacation so i didn't really have high expectations.
Parking lot had enough cars to warrant interest. In i go.
surprise, surprise. their seems to be an okay crowd - important aspect for me is man to woman ration - the first time i stepped into marinos the ration was like three women to every guy - i like those numbers and it set the tone and tempo for a new establishment to visit
i see three separate groups of women and a couple of attractive strays that may or may not be connected to guys - in addition the woman behind the bar is not familiar and looks quite good - a couple of the other bartenders have really not impressed me in looks or skill behind the bar - its a service industry and i do have expectations, i vote with my dollars
i settle in and order - relax and observe
two women to my left are already drunk - they even ask the bartender if they are the only drunk people in the bar - one is bright, perky and very attractive - her friend while not a grenade is not exerting much personality
i catch bits and pieces of a conversation between them and an older gentleman - apparently the attractive one will be a grandmother in september - prejudicial judgement time on my part now, she had to of started early and the cycle continues
the older gentleman departs and the ladies begin conversing with another of the groups of women - the have a round of shots but the conversation dies off after as the attractive one is above the curve for the new woman and very rarely will you see a merger when the looks equation is that far out of balance
at this point the opening is there, i am hesitant - my crazy radar has been buzzing and there are two and i am without a wingman -


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