Tuesday, March 30, 2010

music makes art

occasionally i paint a figure or face - nowhere near realistic, stylized and filled with the energy and vibrancy of my abstracts- these are a couple of the ones i haven't just grabbed the white can and oblitered before packing up for the day.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

lost then found

last year if went through a horrific computer crash - i lost years of digital work - all that remains are a few things posted to my photobucket, these images pulled from an old blog archive and a few things i have on cds

Design stuff

graphic design has become my passion. i've been fortunate enough to work with a lot of great friends and clients - these are some stuff from Phoenix Fashion Week, that I produced last year

texture texture texture

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Texture Tuesday

as i create, i am always looking at how to produce new and interesting textures. using my camera i can add a new factor of depth and blur into some of these flat images. i could do this in photoshop but i think the camera adds a spontaneity that you can't hit undo on

even older and something new

the wash paintings are a few years old. pushing ink around on paper always brings a smile to my face. the headshot is the reverse of a quick marker sketch on typing paper

Monday, March 22, 2010

older paintings

these are some of my older paintings, when i first started working with sprays

abstract everywhere

more images, more abstraction - keep it moving

Sunday, March 21, 2010

three paintings

these are three of my paintings. i love working abstract. it generates a very raw energy that frees my mind of all the daily clutter.

image whorery

i'm going to try and create a habit of posting something. at least an image. everyday

Saturday, March 20, 2010

i shoot some odd things

this is an image i shot to create some textures.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

cold pizza, warm beer

actually i'm not. i reheated the pizza from last night and my beverage is dr pepper. starting to settle in to my new position. i think i can make an impact. it doesn't hurt that my other job wants to know if and when i can work shorter shifts on the same day i work job 1. also today got a call from a previous short term gig offering me at least a day of work, which would probably lead to the possibility of more. couple that with another previous offering me about two weeks of stuff and a resume i sent in before job 1 locked down, called hours after i sent inquiring. after a strange bit of time it feels like the thing i do the best is finding the correct footing again. i needed to humble and step away from the madness i had wrapped up in. reset the machine before a critical and irreparable blow up happened. i feel a thousand times better. it all comes around

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the random world

rode to work at my fastest clip so far. 8.5 miles,right about 50 minutes. pretty good for only being back on the bike a not quite two months. Over course life always throughs curves. walked out of the store to find my tire flat. it would not reinflate. had to walk the two miles down to Kmart and buy a new tube - i really recommend fixing a flat in their parking lot

we turn our attention to the quality of a television show. The Rockford Files, starring the charismatic James Garner. It truly was L.A. Noir. decades later it stands up - a remake is in the works - some of the original producers are involved - the question is who will play Rockford

writers and artists blending together to form a true team - comics recent failing truly has to do with the lack of those teams - partnerships have produced some of the best comics ever. i miss the days of those wolfman/perez - levitz/giffen - thomas/ordway - claremont/byrne - miller/mazzuchelli - barr/aparo - o'neil/cowan collaborations. Azzarello/Risso is the only team that i think fully lives up the that benchmark

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

before i forget or things i really need to write about

traffic court. today. not successful. i repeat not successful. in other words i am out $175. i am irritated and frustrated. i still feel that i did not violate the particular law in the complaint. however i failed to focus on the details and structure of how that particular system works. in the instance of traffic court it really is not about justice. it is a revenue generation system for the city governments. i forgot that. judges are not impartial. they are employees of the city. by structure the more cases they overturn or turn out potentially equals less money in their own pockets. it is a downturn economy right now. as i said i forgot this fact. irritated and frustrated its time to move on. i do wander with all these budget cuts circling around, how much additional revenue gets lost when a city lays off, fires, or an officer resigns and is no longer available to appear in court. Could the scale of layoffs being proliferated by the media intensify the problem by a revenue gap that causes more job losses and perpetuates the cycle.

still probably thinking faster than i should. thankfully that isn't a crime