Friday, July 17, 2009

Gibberish 7 17 2009 3:20PM

my brain is damaged by repeated involvement with crazy - i don't think like normal people anymore - my higher functions now work in sprirals - inter connected tissues that weave an intricate shroud of comprehension and avoidance of complacency. Dance little frog as you bounce out of the window into traffic. fingers flying across the keyboard. randomized elements of design populate my visionquest. Alleviate my hunger with nourishment of misery. drink deeply on the suffering of others - war machines crowd heavily at borders. tensions rise - animal instincts are bound to take over sooner than later. for gods sake we do our work - have you really ever looked at that statement - how fucking egotistical. For the sake of God you don't do shit. EVerything you do is for yourself and no other. Particles of my life sometimes stick to my shoes - dna evidence of where i have been. do you really think you could keep up with my dementia. not on this planet. the quantum physics of this world don't permit fifth dimensional travelling. hyper context - underlying currents of lies. the truth fabricates an unfortunate reality that most can not stand up to . blasting typeface fortified against poor grammar. fly across the keyboard, selective assignment of letters. conforming to the rules of language. we speak mostly without words. dialogue brings pain. ideas given shape and form. your farm team daydream might one day become reality as you blister across the pond. skipping rocks on the surbace of your brain tissue. to be unseen, unheard. i am not invisible i am obvious. stated from the beginning i mean no harm - i reach out and conduct experiments with the lives of others. they mean so little. what value do they really have. pontification abounds. data streams run lite with true intelligence. controlled moments as the time fabric is resewn for a more positive result. ho chi minh's trail marched north not south. our brand of the big C filtered in . socio economic dominance as terrible paintings appear on the horizon. no these are not just my thing they really are just fucking horrible. a lacking morality at play on canvas. the combinination of elements and animals to justify ones pagan beliefs. pour acid on this useless bitch's mouth. she speaks of marriage as if it were a good thing. we falter and fail in our heartbreaking moments. the most useless organ in the body. meta physically a waste. discard it at a young age so you can step forward and obliterate the distinction of human. we are a stain on the surface of this planet. it is far past the time for the lava to erupt out of the bowels and remove our cancerous behaviour. we serve no further purpose. we are the pinnacle of evolution. of course yuo have to reinterpret what you think pinnacle means.
thank you

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