Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gibberish 7 18 2009 6:51pm

Round squares wrapped into oblong holes. vacation on the sun - ooh it's a little too hot. wipe my brain of these helicopters gnawing on my chin bones. You can't hug your children with nuclear arms - love the tv- stupidity grows like a fungus. brain cells deteriorate - the mental challenge of victory is less fufilling than reality tv. poke your finger into the bear cage see what happens - blood spurts out into the air - a small mesquito sates its hunger in a puddle of your blood - Your womanly moment leads to a trail of ears you gave up everything for the man you loved. he laughed and walked into the ocean - the devil stood at the shore and told you that eating pussy would be good for your values. you danced with a martini in your hand and fell down drunk - your bloody knee felt no pain after the four vodka cranberry's you had knocked back - yes my dear you are an alcoholic- you are stuck in your bitter little world hoping your baby daddy will magically transform into prince charming. lets get it straight - shit like that doesn't happen not even on danny the street - no where in this world or the next three can that occur - open your fucking eyes and see the definite direction your life should take - black trees rise up out of the ground- tendrils reaching out to infest this world with something other than happiness - the sound of this movie is too loud - i prefer to hear the girl upstairs get fucked - she was funny she sounded so nice and polite until you got her to that moment - i wonder what her future brought her, selling children and running on the edge of life - when pushed to the edge - staring at the abyss what will you do.-- we each face these dangers - we need to know our own character find our heart -- the truth of our lives is in each one of us everyday. Chaos rules and crazy is everywhere, dust off the radar and watch the signals. Populate this landscape with new ideas tell new stories from the horrible to the serene. happiness is what we make it . pounding out words on this keyboard really do make me happy - i face the depression - i utilize the decompression - events are in my control this world is always mine. slices of black stain my life, some more than others - i am not your guardian i am just someone you know -
7:06 pm

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