Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A piece of the past/future

I am actively working on a book. It falls into the memoir category as it mostly deals with the last year and a half. Starting with my marriage ending and covering the ground of the ever escalating craziness of the women I have been involved with. As I put the narrative together and flesh pieces out I am going back over older writings. Old journal notes and things that I have lying around. As I go over this it is starting to broaden and deepen the scope of what I am trying to write. I found the following in an old notebook. written by my wife it defines a good chunk of our last few years together.

We have been married now for 3 months, and I have a feeling that you have been cheating on me. On wednesday I said that you did not find me attractive and you never answered me. Before I told you about a dream I had that you were cheating on me. Even then you did not tell me that you were not cheating on me. I don't get any sex and when I do it isn't very good. It's like you're not even in to it. Like you don't even want to be having sex with me. You only do it to shut me up. Now that's not fair to you or me.

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