Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the random world

rode to work at my fastest clip so far. 8.5 miles,right about 50 minutes. pretty good for only being back on the bike a not quite two months. Over course life always throughs curves. walked out of the store to find my tire flat. it would not reinflate. had to walk the two miles down to Kmart and buy a new tube - i really recommend fixing a flat in their parking lot

we turn our attention to the quality of a television show. The Rockford Files, starring the charismatic James Garner. It truly was L.A. Noir. decades later it stands up - a remake is in the works - some of the original producers are involved - the question is who will play Rockford

writers and artists blending together to form a true team - comics recent failing truly has to do with the lack of those teams - partnerships have produced some of the best comics ever. i miss the days of those wolfman/perez - levitz/giffen - thomas/ordway - claremont/byrne - miller/mazzuchelli - barr/aparo - o'neil/cowan collaborations. Azzarello/Risso is the only team that i think fully lives up the that benchmark

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