Tuesday, March 2, 2010

before i forget or things i really need to write about

traffic court. today. not successful. i repeat not successful. in other words i am out $175. i am irritated and frustrated. i still feel that i did not violate the particular law in the complaint. however i failed to focus on the details and structure of how that particular system works. in the instance of traffic court it really is not about justice. it is a revenue generation system for the city governments. i forgot that. judges are not impartial. they are employees of the city. by structure the more cases they overturn or turn out potentially equals less money in their own pockets. it is a downturn economy right now. as i said i forgot this fact. irritated and frustrated its time to move on. i do wander with all these budget cuts circling around, how much additional revenue gets lost when a city lays off, fires, or an officer resigns and is no longer available to appear in court. Could the scale of layoffs being proliferated by the media intensify the problem by a revenue gap that causes more job losses and perpetuates the cycle.

still probably thinking faster than i should. thankfully that isn't a crime

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