Saturday, March 13, 2010

cold pizza, warm beer

actually i'm not. i reheated the pizza from last night and my beverage is dr pepper. starting to settle in to my new position. i think i can make an impact. it doesn't hurt that my other job wants to know if and when i can work shorter shifts on the same day i work job 1. also today got a call from a previous short term gig offering me at least a day of work, which would probably lead to the possibility of more. couple that with another previous offering me about two weeks of stuff and a resume i sent in before job 1 locked down, called hours after i sent inquiring. after a strange bit of time it feels like the thing i do the best is finding the correct footing again. i needed to humble and step away from the madness i had wrapped up in. reset the machine before a critical and irreparable blow up happened. i feel a thousand times better. it all comes around

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